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Bruce Foster

Keep Moving: Designing Chicago’s Bicycle Culture October 27th 2018 – March 3rd 2019 2 13

Thomas Witt

IL Rte 137 Bike Path Project - Public Meeting Oct 3 1 2

Bruce Foster

Woman Rides Bicycle To 183.9 MPH — A New World Record 1 4

Joanne Davis

Dario Pegoretti, World Renown handmade-bicycle builder Obituary 1 5

Amy Wagner

Garmin Wanted 1 13

Sharon Kaminecki

Savvy Cycling Presentation Sept. 13, 7pm, Elmhurst 1 59

Joanne Davis

Lakefront Trail detours/ unsuitable 4 30

Kathleen O`Laughlin

Fox River Valley Trail 1 10

Steve Kimmel

North Branch Trail Flooded 1 8

Earl Strassberger

Fwd: Lakefront Trail detours/ unsuitable 1 10

Sharon Kaminecki

Bob Roll and Tom Schuler in Milwaukee 11/2/18 1 8


Interesting Article and Book 1 12

Peter Glaser

Robb and Pete's Big Adventure 3 22

Scott Schaedel

Woman's bike needed 1 10

Mike Kruger

Laboring during a ride 1 12

Amy Wagner

Looking to Buy Carbon Road Bike-Men's approx. 58cm 2 14

Earl Strassberger

Interesting bike 2 18


What Bikes Mean to LeBron James 1 20

Linda MacCracken

Pls add me to to social lists 1 16

Corey Trager

Map showing places most distance from roads in the lower 48 1 18