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Tuesday Moderate Ride – July 20th –9:00 AM – Paner...
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In addition to neglecting my email for several days, I also neglected to read carefully. Tim’s ride to Blufington’s is next week.

Tuesday Moderate Ride – July 20th –9:00 AM – Panera

In spite of what I told many of you on Friday and today at the picnic, I will be leading the Tuesday Moderate Ride this week. Because I neglected my email for the last several days, I didn’t realize I was going to have the opportunity to lead until this evening.


This week’s Tuesday Moderate Ride is scheduled to go to Bluffington’s in Lake Bluff. The total distance will be about 40 miles. You can find the route at: LakeBluff 2017 - A bike ride in Wilmette, IL ( If the group is large enough Will Heelan will lead a second group at a slightly faster pace.


Tuesday’s weather forecast is promising – high of 86 degrees, NNW wind at 5 to 10 mph, and little chance of rain.


This will be the first of a week’s worth of rides to Bluffington’s. Tim is leading a ride there on Wednesday, and we have other scheduled rides there on Wednesday and Friday. Here is your opportunity to eat at Bluffington’s multiple times in one week. Of all the places we ride to, this is perhaps the most deserving of multiple visits in one week.

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