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Wed 10/11 8:30 Chandler Revolution Brewery.
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How about something different? A "Bike and Brew Ride." Join the Wed ride theme of "revolution" (as in wheels and pedaling)" as we travel to Revolution Brewery in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago. Leaving Chandler at 8:30 AM. We'll travel through Forest Glen , Sauganash Trail to Devon, then cross onto Elston, south on Kedzie, rounding the Illinois Monument in Logan square and then to a visit to the historic landmark of Walt Disney's birth place (under renovation). Maybe even a journey to the 606.... Finally after this we'll arrive at Revolution for a well deserved brew and lunch.
If you are unable to ride with us then please join us at the brewery 2323 N. Milwaukee Ave. We plan to arrive close to 11 AM (when they open) barring any mechanicals. My cell phone number for the morning is 773-848-3008. Round trip around 30 miles.
Slow end of Moderate pace, but probably slower sinc ethis is a city ride. Round trip about 36 miles. Probably back around 2:30 PM or so. Check out the brews and menu at

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