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Brew Pub Ride 11-4 at 930 am
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Sometimes we ride to  eat (in our  club that  is  most of the time). Sometimes we ride for  speed.  Sometimes for  distance. Sometimes for transportation. On  Saturday we will ride for beer.  Sleep a bit  late and  come to  Panera at 930 am when we will begin a casually paced ride to Half Acre, Revolution's tap room and finally to Temperance. We will stop and sample the wares at each stop.All riders are welcome and  encouraged to know their  limits.

Friday at 122 pm- Well,  the forecast for tomorrow is not promising. It looks quite likely to be raining with temperatures in  the  40's.  I will  show  up  at  Panera unless is is crazy raining but if it is  raining will not  expect anybody else to do so. I have rain gear so I will don it and venture out. If anybody wants do emulate Fred Astair on a bike we can  be singin' in  the  rain but if that is the case we might go straight to  Temperance. We will see.

CANCELLED. Saturday 719 am

The rain has started and will persist all day. I don't want to be Charlie Brown standing on the pitchers mound.
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