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Tuesday Moderate Ride - August 13th - 9:00 AM - Pa...
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Tuesday Moderate Ride – August 13th – 9:00 AM – Panera

This week we are scheduled to ride to Lambs Farm. This is not, however, one of the usual straightforward routes to the Farm. This route meanders through what I believe is mostly Deerfield on the way. 

When I took a look at the Ride with GPS route in the Route Library, however, I realized that it was so last year – scooting over to St. Mary’s Road to get around the bridge work on Bradley. I edited the route taking it back to Bradley Road. Here is a link to the revised route: I have not forwarded the route to Will yet for inclusion in the route library because, while I got the cue sheet to say what I wanted it to, I wasn’t able to get the map right. I am hoping that Will or Suzie can tell me what I need to do so we can put this into the Route Library.

Our total distance will be about 45 miles. My pace will be a moderate 13 – 15 mph. With enough interest and a willing leader we will have a second group traveling at a slightly faster pace. If the forecast holds, the rain should end before ride time. We should have a partly cloudy sky and temperatures in the 70s.

Neal J. Ney
224 Grey Ave.
Evanston, IL 60202

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