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Wed Sept 4 Casual - Chandler Park 9:15 am to MingH...
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Let's join the Wednesday Moderate Ride and ride Casual to MingHin. One of the best dim sum spots in Chicago -- MingHin Cuisine -- opened a branch downtown just off the Lake Front Path. We now have the opportunity to have Chinatown food without suffering through congested streets pot holes and stop lights to get to Chinatown. To make things even better this new location is in the middle of a food enclave right next to Mariano's, Brown Bag Seafood, Wildberry Pancakes Cafe and Au Bon Pain. So if chowing down Dim Sum family style isn't what you fancy for the day there are multiple other options. Those of us who choose the Dim Sum fare will split the check so please consider bringing some cash to make the transactions easier. Bike parking will be at the security of the McDonald's bike center on Randolph ($4 fee) or you can park behind the McDonald's bike center or at the east side of the Blue Cross Blue Shield building. If you can't ride with us then please meet us there. MingHin opens at 11 am. Our casual ride will be about 35 miles round trip. Thanks to Joanne for creating this ride and to Rebecca for identifying the opportunity and ordering the food!

We will experience some new routing along the Lake Shore with the separation of bike and pedestrian lanes. Also, there will be a nice tail wind going south and a challenging head wind returning north. If you will be patient with me, I'll get you back.

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