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50 mile NSC ride, Sunday, September 12, Moderate P...
William Benjamin
The ride begins at Dawes at 9:00 AM.   See Suzi's advice about parking.  There will be a quick rest stop at 13 miles, the CVS.   The next rest stop will be at 19 miles, Northcroft Park.  

Lunch arrangements
We will stop at the Lake Forest train station and meet back at this location 45 minutes later.  You can choose your restaurant or bring your lunch.   Bring a mask!  Here are a few possibilities:  

Ferentino's, 842 Western, pizza by the slice

Einstein Bros Bagels:  728 Western

Foodstuffs, 255 Westminister,  Has outdoor tables

Caputo's and successor:  out of business

Egg Harbor, 512 Western, You may not finish in 45 minutes.  Print out a Q sheet and finish the ride self guided.  

Liberty Park is on Deerpath a short distance east of the train tracks.   This may be a good picnic location.  I did not see any tables or benches in the google satellite view.  

We will have a final rest stop at Sunset Woods, 37 miles.  

-Bill Benjamin
847 452-3176

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