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Sunday Moderate Ride to Forest Home Cemetery – May...
Neal Ney

Sunday Moderate Ride to Forest Home Cemetery – May 8th – 9:00 AM – Panera

I see that I am scheduled to lead a ride to Forest Home Cemetery this Sunday. This has snuck up on me, and I’ve only sort of previewed the ride. I have, however, been leading variations on this ride for more than twenty years, so I am betting that we can get there and back. We’ll be stopping for lunch at Russell’s Barbecue in Elmwood Park. After lunch we will take a slow turn through Forest Home Cemetery stopping to look at the Haymarket Monument, Emma Goldman's grave, and the famed Dissenter's Row. The total distance will be about 50 miles. We will be using a street route rather than the traditional trip down the North Branch Trail. After all of the rain we’ve had, flooding along the North Branch Trail would seem to be a distinct possibility. I will ride at a moderate 13 to 15 mph pace, Riders should be vaccinated, wear a helmet, and bring a mask in case masks are required at the rest or lunch stops.

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