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Tuesday Moderate Ride – May 10th – 9:00 AM – Paner...
Neal Ney

Tuesday Moderate Ride – May 10th – 9:00 AM – Panera

This week we will be riding to the “Old Dutch Mill” in Mount Emblem Cemetery, Elmhurst, IL. The Dutch style windmill, which dates to 1867, is one of the oldest in Illinois. Lunch will be at Al & Joe’s, a unique sandwich shop in Franklin Park. The shop specializes in the classic Chicago Sub. “Keep it fresh and pack it with love.”

Our total distance will be about 44 miles. This route does include more time than usual in industrial park properties, and the possibility of being delayed by a freight train is substantial. It’s worth it, however, for the windmill, the sandwiches, and the ambiance at Al & Joe’s. You can find the route at: ElmhurstWindmillP - A bike ride in Wilmette, IL ( This route does not utilize the usual trip south on the North Branch Trail, because of the high probability of flooding along the trail.

I will be riding at a moderate 13 to 15 mph pace. With enough interest a second slightly faster group will be led by Will.

The weather forecast for Tuesday is promising – partly cloudy skies with a high temperature of 83 degrees and winds from the SSE at 10 to 15 mph.

Riders should be vaccinated, wear a helmet, and bring a mask, in case masks are required at the rest or lunch stops.

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