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Mad City Weekend
By Sharon Kaminecki
Posted on 8/20/2018 7:26 PM

Mad City is the nickname for Madison, Wisconsin, the capital of Wisconsin.  With the University of Wisconsin and the State government offices there,  the community has funded a lot of bicycle infrastructure that can be explored after a 2-3 hour drive from Evanston.  We made our base camp the Panera Bread in Fitchburg which is to Madison like Evanston is to Chicago, a close suburb with hotels, restaurants, a grocery story, and a bike shop all clustered together with free street parking.  Since the glaciers did not pass through this portion of the State, it can be hillier than what we are used to in Evanston, so I searched for routes each day that were as flat as possible.  Friday we were scheduled to bike to McFarland because it tends to be a little flatter East of Madison, but that ride got rained out.  Saturday's ride had us biking around diverse areas, i.e.  the rural Badger Trail, Seminole Highway, Madison's version of a hipster highway, the Arboretum, the Zoo, biking around two lakes, State Street, the Capitol, and an urban the trail.  Sunday's ride was an exploration of several bike paths, Capitol City, Cannonball, and SW Commuter Path.  We had 17 riders over the 3 days.  If you were not able to make this trip, feel free to download the cue sheets from the EBC route library and explore on you own.