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Butterburger Century
By Peter Glaser
Posted on 5/29/2018 12:47 PM

Probably the warmest Memorial Day century ride we’re ever going to see. Nevertheless, our group of eight had a wonderful day. Memorable moments included: a really nice stretch going north through the Conway Farms development; John being generous with a large bag of salted-almonds throughout the morning; photo stop at the Golden Pyramid in Wadsworth; a respite in the shade at the Bristol County Park picnic area; dining in air-conditioned comfort at Culvers; a brief detour to Eddie Bauer’s in the Pleasant Prairie Outlet Mall so someone could pick up a new pair of sunglasses; more A/C and a frosty or two at Wendys in Gurnee; and one final stop for ice water at the Ft. Sheridan McDonalds (where your author downed two cheeseburgers for the final push home).

6 hr 45 min of riding time plus many stops. Check out the route “flyover” here: