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 Annual Dues:
 Individual: $20

Family: $30

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EBC Meetings and Programs

EBC meets at 7:30 PM on the third Tuesday of every month in the
Ecology Center at the Ladd Arboretum, McCormick and Bridge Streets, Evanston

10/15 - 7:30pm The World of Tandem Bicycles by San Waterstreet and Mary Devoto
A tandem bicycle is designed to be ridden by more than one person fore to aft, not side by side and has been around since the late 1890s. Come and learn about tandeming today, who rides them, the social benefits, the clubs, and events.  Our speakers will be Sam Waterstreet, who has been a member of the Chicago Area Tandem Society for 20 years and has organized of many of their state and Midwest region rallies and is currently the club’s communication officer and Mary Devoto, the treasurer, who will give a perspective from the “stoker” point of view.
11/19 - 7:30pm Bike Trips from Indiana to Western Europe by Jo Gayle, Bill Benjamin, and Alana Purcell
  Come to hear reports on recent bike trips that members have raved about.  The first is Amishland and Lakes, an annual two-day bike tour of Northern Indiana.  Jo Gayle has ridden this event 13 times and will share what support is provided, the routes, and why she returns time and time again.  We will also hear a report on the three bike and barge trips Bill Benjamin and Alana Purcell went on in France, Germany, and Netherlands.  They will talk about the accommodations on the barge, the meals provided by the on-board chef, the rental bikes, and their experiences on and off their bikes.
12/17 - 7:30pm Holiday Party and Pot Luck Dinner

Eat Before We Meet
Both members and guests are invited to join club members for an informal dinner before club meetings at 6:00 PM at Dengeos, located on the southwest corner of Main and McCormick.