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Wed May 18 Mod 8:30 Chandler: down the lake front ...
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I've been holding off on posting a ride waiting for my 3 weather apps to "predict the future" weather and have some congruity... but they are in disagreement as of the posting on Monday. They all agree that wind from the East, and SE so I'm thinking of heading down the lake front for two reasons. 1. That the lake front will soon become too crowded to have an enjoyable, relaxing journey and 2. it's such a lovely ride. That being said....

I'm considering a few destinations. Visiting Balbo Monument behind Soldier Field (before it is hauled away to storage), or Police Memorial, or the Riverwalk. Possible food stop Navy Pier. Distance between 30-36 miles RT

I'll post an update to the forum by 7 AM Wed regarding status of the ride

Ride info:

Number of riders: 12

Departing Chandler Park 8:30

All must be fully vaccinated

Bring a mask to don when we aggregate

Rolling pace: 13-15 mph

Please RSVP  

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