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Tuesday Moderate Ride – May 24th – 9:00 AM – Paner...
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Bruce Miller provided me a PDF of Lasker Estate Tour Booklet, and I am attaching it to this message for anyone who is interested in reading up ahead of tomorrow's tour or who would like their own copy of the brochure.

Tuesday Moderate Ride – May 24th – 9:00 AM – Panera

This week we are scheduled to ride to the former Lasker Estate in Lake Forest. We will ride at a steady moderate pace to and from the estate, but some patience will be necessary as we explore the estate because of the frequent stops. With enough interest and a willing leader there will be a second slightly faster group for the toing and froing, but we will tour the estate as a single group. It is possible that lunch will be a bit later than usual, so breakfast and snack accordingly.


Here is a link to the route I will be using: Routes · Ride with GPS. As was the case last week this one is not in the route library, because I do not expect to use this route once the Sheridan Road work is completed. The first third of this week’s ride (to Fort Sheridan) will be nearly identical to last week’s ride. Our total distance will be about 38 miles.

I have been informed that the link for the tour brochure included in the ride calendar is no longer working. I will try to look into this tomorrow and will pass on the new link before or after the ride.

Tuesday’s weather looks good – a high temperature of 61 degrees with a mix of sunshine and clouds. The wind should be out of the ENE at 10 to 15 mph. Almost no chance of rain. If the weather should be vastly different than predicted making it necessary to cancel the ride, I will post an announcement to the listserv before 8 AM on Tuesday.



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