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Tuesday Moderate Ride -- May 23rd -- 9:00 AM -- Pa...
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Tuesday Moderate Ride -- May 23rd – 9:00 AM – Panera

This week we will be touring the former estate of Albert Lasker in Lake Forest. The Lasker Estate is unique in a number of respects. While most of the historic North Shore Estates were built and owned by WASPs, Albert Lasker was a Jewish advertising executive. His estate included a world class golf course, because at that time Jews were not permitted on the Lake Forest golf courses. And because so many of the estate’s buildings were repurposed as homes, it is easier to get a glimpse of how grand the estates were here than at most of the other former estates. If you would like to know a little something about the estate before the ride you can find lots of interesting information at: Lasker%20Estate%20Tour%20Program%202009.LF-LB%20Historical%20Society.pdf. Advance study is not required. There will not be a quiz, and there will be plenty of show and tell in the course of the tour.


Here is a link to the route that I will use: EstateLane2017 - A bike ride in Wilmette, IL ( Our total distance will be a tad less than 40 miles. I will ride at a moderate pace (13 – 15 mph). With enough interest there will be a second group riding at a slightly faster pace led by Will. Some patience may be necessary as we explore the estate because of the frequent stops for building gawking. It is possible that lunch will be a bit later than usual, so breakfast and snack accordingly. Lunch will be at Eggspresso in Bannockburn.


Tuesday’s weather and the weather for all of this week looks grand for bicycling. On Tuesday a high temperature of 78 degrees is expected, though it will be around ten degrees cooler when we start. A few clouds are possible, but there is almost no chance of rain. The wind will be out of the ESE at 5 to 10 mph. If the actual weather should be vastly different from this forecast making it prudent to cancel the ride, I will post an announcement to the listserv before 8 AM on the morning of the ride.

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