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Fort Sheridan Cemetery - Sunday May 28, 2023 - Cas...
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We will meet at Panera at 9:00 AM.   Our route will be mostly on Sheridan Road.    Lunch will be at Once Upon a Bagel.   

There will be an email notice if there is a change in plans due to weather.  

-Bill Benjamin
847 452-3176

Here is some information about the cemetery:

The Fort Sheridan Cemetery was established in 1889.  Buried here are veterans of the Civil War and subsequent wars.  Also, some German POWs are buried here.   Fort Sheridan housed some POWs during WWII and a larger number were held at Fort Grant south of Rockford Illinois.  

The cemetery has 2534 occupied gravesites.   The cemetery is nearly full.   Casket burials are no longer available.   New interments at the cemetery will be limited to in-ground burial of cremated remains.  

Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Elwood, Illinois, remains the Chicago area's full-service national cemetery.  The cemetery is located west of Peoria.   

Burial in a national cemetery is open to all members of the armed forces who have met a minimum active duty service requirement and were discharged under conditions other than dishonorable.

A Veteran's spouse, widow or widower, minor dependent children, and under certain conditions, unmarried adult children with disabilities may also be eligible for burial. Eligible spouses and children may be buried even if they predecease the Veteran.

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