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Skokie Bike Network's Tails from the Trails...
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Hey riders, I am following up on Skokie Bike Network's Tales from the Trails. (Yes, I misspelled in my original post)

We are still open for submissions. You have until June 2 to write, edit, craft and submit your story. Last year we had a few EBC members tell stories and we had a host of them arrive on their bikes. I hope to see more submissions from EBC and am looking forward to seeing waves of EBC jerseys on riders coming to the show. We all have a few bike stories. What is yours?

Hi EBC riders- Skokie Bike Network will host Tails from the Trails on July 14. We had a great contingent of EBC riders who came to last year's show on their bikes. I hope to see this again. We just set the date. In the near future we will announce that we are open for submissions. We will read them and chose the best ones to tell stories with a bike related theme at Sketchbook in Skokie on July 14.

If you think you would like to tell a story you should start thinking about your story and how to take a quip or vignette or episode and frame it so it is a story that will relate to a room full of beer soaked bike riders. That way you will be ready when we officially call for submissions. Please do not send anything until we ask for submissions.

If you just want to be surrounded by cyclists talking about cycling in a lovely tap room just save the date. Sketchbook is right off the Valley Line Trail that goes from Skokie down to Bryn Mawr and it is on Main St. which has a bike lane.

APRIL 3, 2024 WE ARE OPEN FOR SUBMISSIONS!!! START WORKING ON YOUR STORIES: Here is the information you will need to submit so you can tell your story at Tales from the Trails:

The Skokie Bike Network’s “Tales from the Trails” storytelling event returns in 2024 with more stories by local cyclists. The theme for this year’s event is “Bike Intelligence: What I’ve learned (or not) while riding a bike.

We are calling for submissions of short personal narratives of no longer than 1000 words (7-8 minutes, max) that may include a song, or a poem on what you have learned or experienced while riding a bike. We ask that your work be original and true to the best of your memory.

Your story, poem or song will be presented by you – live – at the Sketchbook Tap Room & Brewery in Skokie Sunday July 14th between noon and 2 pm. Whether this is your first attempt at telling a story or you are seasoned pro, you are encouraged to submit and participate.

This is intended to be a positive event for storytellers and the audience. Language should be family friendly – PG-13. While we welcome accounts and reflections on life’s difficulties and struggles, we encourage humility and humor.

We are introducing a new art form – Baiku (pronounced “bi-koo” like haiku for the bike). These are short poems or passages that are short and sweet.

Example of a Baiku

Did I tighten that?

No, I certainly did not.

And now, down I go.

­Submission Schedule and Procedure

The schedule for submissions, review and the event is as follows:

Monday, April 1: Open for submissions

Sunday, June 2: Submissions due

Monday, June 17: Announcement of storytellers

Sunday, July 14: Show – 12-2 pm

Please send inquiries and submissions to the Skokie Bike Network at

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