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Tuesday Moderate Rides Going Forward – Not Riding ...
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Tuesday Moderate Rides Going Forward – Not Riding Tomorrow

I’m going to take a pass on tomorrow. The forecast says there is a 70% chance of rain with winds from the SSW at 20 to 30 mph and a high temperature of 58 degrees with the temperature dropping to 45 degrees in the afternoon. Not my idea of a fun ride. If another ride leader has a different opinion, please feel free to post a ride.

The regular schedule of Tuesday rides will resume on April 2nd. Not much actually changes. Rather than waiting to see if I post a ride, you can assume that there will be a Tuesday ride unless an announcement to the contrary has been posted. All rides will begin at 9:00 AM at the Panera in Wilmette. I will try to post an announcement Sunday evening or Monday morning describing the planned ride. Many of the rides are already listed on the ride schedule. The open dates will be used to try out new routes, to dust off old warhorses or recycle favorites, and as rain dates for the scheduled rides.

These will be moderate rides – 13 to 15 mph, but with a large enough group and enough interest a second slightly faster group will be led by Will. Often, but not always, we will be visiting locations of historical interest or of great natural or horticultural beauty. Always we will be stopping for lunch! (I can recall only two occasions when, because of extreme weather, we have foregone lunch.) Rides will generally be in the 30-to-50-mile range.

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