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Sunday, July 7th - 8:00am Moderate Ride to Mt. Pro...
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.....Just a correction to the previous email. 
We will arrive at Golf Mill at 9:10am.
I mistakenly said we would arrive at 10:10am.
I know I'm a little slower these days, but I'm not that slow! 
See you Sunday morning. 
Please join me this Sunday, July 7, 2024 @ 8:00am for a Low-Moderate ride to Grade A Cafe in Mt. Prospect. 
Meet at 8am @ Panera- Wilmette.  
We will enjoy brunch @ Grade A Cafe in Mt. Prospect. 
Total distance will be 34 miles. 
I have not ridden much this year so this ride will be on the low end of moderate. 
We will take a rest stop at Golf Mill mall near the food court entrance.  If anyone wants to meet us there, we should arrive about 10:10am.
If you plan on meeting us at Golf Mill, please text me so I know to look for you. 
In the event of questionable weather, I will post an update by 7am.
See you Sunday!!
847.363.6306 (cell)
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