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Fox River Trail, this Friday, July 12, 11am, Low M...
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Join me on a scenic 25 mile ride along the Fox River Trail. We will meet at Towne Park in Algonquin, at 11am. The parking lot is just past St John’s Lutheran School. Pull all the way around into the parking lot. The restroom is under construction. After we start riding, the nearest restroom is about 5 miles out on the trail, (clean, flush toilets ). You may want to stop before you get to Towne Park. We will stop for lunch about midway on the ride. Closer to the end of the ride we can stop at Dairy Queen or Van’s Custard for a sweet treat. Please let me know if you are coming so I can look for you. Looking forward to the ride. Call if you have any questions. Vicki Zickenheiner, 773-505-6121.

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