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Tuesday Moderate Ride - May 15th - 9:00 AM - Paner...
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Tuesday Moderate Ride - May 15th - 9:00 AM - Panera

The prospects for a Tuesday moderate ride look relatively grim at this point. Rain is expected to continue more or less from now until around noon on Tuesday. The forecast is changing frequently and may change multiple times before tomorrow morning. That is in and of itself a bad sign. Unstable weather is generally not an indicator of a good day for a ride.

As is my wont I won’t make a final decision until tomorrow morning. I will post a go or no go announcement to the listserve before 8 AM, probably closer to 7:30 AM.

In the unlikely event that we can ride tomorrow, we are scheduled to ride to Illinois’s oldest windmill located in Mt. Emblem Cemetery in Elmhurst, Lunch will be at Al and Joe’s Deli, a unique sandwich shop that has become a favorite of Tuesday riders.

There is a link to a route on the web site. I won’t have time to modify the route today, but I will make a couple of changes on the road. We will use the North Branch Trail rather than the street route to get to Norwood Park, and I’ll use a slightly different route in Franklin Park to reduce the possibility of being delayed by freight trains.

Our total distance will be around 45 miles, and our pace will be a moderate 13 - 15 mph. We will probably have a second group traveling at a slightly faster pace (16 mph). If it is necessary to cancel the ride, I will reschedule it for a Tuesday later in the summer.


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