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Wed 7/11/Mod 8:30 Chandler: tour of Ft Sheridan wi...
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Hi All,
Departing at the usual 8:30 from Chandler.   EBC member  (and Chicago Architectural Foundation docent ) Cynthia Karabush  will take us on a tour of the fort.

These are some questions which Cynthia  has posed to us:

         What group(s) of people were the fort & its stockade built to protect Chicago from?
         Did you know George Patton once lived at Ft. Sheridan (and married a local woman)?     

         Why did 60,000 North Shore civilians come to the fort (most camping in tents on the Parade Ground) 
               in 1918?         

          Can you tell the difference between a Lieutenant's residence, a Captain's residence and a    

          Why are 9 German WWII POW's buried at the Fort Sheridan Cemetery?
      Please join us to SEE the answers to these questions and more..

      We will have lunch locally in either Highwood or Highland Park.  Back by 1:30

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