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Tuesday Moderate Ride - October 9th - 9:00 AM - Pa...
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Tuesday Moderate Ride - October 9th - 9:00 AM - Panera 

After consulting with the folks at the Ryerson Woods Forest Preserve, I am going to delay our fall color ride to the Preserve by a week. Peak color is expected next week.

Instead we will ride to Lambs Farm this week. I’ll use a more conventional route this time than a few weeks back. We’ll travel there by the McCory and North Shore Trail. We’ll return through Lake Forest Hospital and along Ridge. I’m guessing our total distance will be around 45 miles. I’ll ride at a moderate 13 - 15 mph, and we’ll almost certainly have a second group riding at a slightly faster pace.

Tuesday’s weather looks reasonably good - partly cloudy, wind from the south at 10 to 15 mph, and a high temperature of 81. A stray shower or thunderstorm, of course, is possible . If the weather should take a turn for the worse making it necessary to cancel the ride, I will post an announcement to the listserve before 8 AM.

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