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Wed 11/7 Chandler 8:40:Walnut Room at Macy's AND o...
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Departing CHANDLER at 8:40 to visit this iconic establishment. Let's start the pre-holiday festivities early.  The Christmas tree and all the decorations will be in their splendor! This is the 111th year of the Great Tree adorned in red and green colors..  Please wear your favorite festive outfit if you wish.

After luncheon at the Walnut Room I plan to visit an exhibit  entitled "Keep moving:Designing Chicago's Bicycle Culture" conveniently located at the Design Chicago museum ( a novel pop-up museum concept) close by Macy's  on Randolph Street.  .   If you are not able to visit the exhibit feel free to return back to Evanston directly after lunch.     I realize that it will be a long day but given that the exhibit will be gone by March 3rd it's a unique  opportunity not to be missed - especially since it is so close to Macy's.  No need to make a special trip.
 We'll travel down the recently redone lakefront path at a slower pace of 11-13 mph viewing the progress of the Navy Pier Flyover, and skirting Maggie Daley Park. We'll park our bikes in the security of the indoor McDonald's  Bike Park ($4.00 cash fee/ bring your lock) and walk a short distance to Macy's.   If you are unable to ride with us then please consider joining us anyway.  The group should arrive prior to 11AM and there will be a wait. .  Cash payment works best for sorting through the check.
 My cell phone number for the day is 773-848-3008. Texting is best. Round trip about 33 miles, and I hope to be back by  3:30 or so dependingon the wait line and the service at Macy's, and time at the exhibit  The weather looks reasonably OK at this time with temps in the low 40s..
If the weather should turn inclement I'll post to the list serve by 7:00 AM.
This is the day after the mid-term elections and hopefully we'll be in a celebratory mood. But if not  I can attest that their Brandy Old Fashioned is a good tonic for most anything!
The Walnut room features a history that started when it opened in 1907 making it the oldest continuously-operated restaurant in the country. It features Circassian wood paneling imported from Russia, Austrian chandeliers, and17,000 square foot dining room. Come check it out-
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