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Cowalunga ride in Wisconson - August 3 - 5
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The Evanston Bicycle Club / Resp Health Team enrollment page is up!  
Consider joining us for this fun-filled ride through Wisconsin on August 3, 4, and 5. Get the kids to join for 18 miles or 65. Join for two or all three days. You decide.

  • Full SAG and medical support. Bike support by Wheel and Sprocket
  • Two daily rest stops, breakfast and dinner
  • Transportation back to the start line at Gurnee, IL for you, your bike and gear
  • Nightly accommodations with showers! (Conference Point Center, Williams Bay, WI and Univ. Wisconsin, Whitewater, WI)
  • Great food!
  • Friendly riders (and not too many of them!)
  • Approximate route - varies according to road conditions
  • Questions?

Hi EBC cyclists!

I have created the Evanston Bike Club Team for Cowalunga!   August 3 - 5. I am the team captain. Here are some sound bites:

1. I've done four Cows as a moderate rider and really enjoy it because of the nice size of the group and how well it is sagged. Check out these photos from prior years - gives you an idea of the riders, SAG, etc.: 

2. There is a ride for everyone - 18 miles which is perfect for newbies and kids or 65 miles from Gurnee Mills to west side of Lake Geneva. Next day we spend the night in dorms at UW Whitewater (showers and food!) and on day 3 we end up north of Milwaukee and returned by bus to Gurnee Mills.  Your car is safe there for the 1, 2 or 3 days.

3. This was the ride in 2017: Changes a little every year:

4. Respiratory Health organizes this fund raiser, so check out the details or email me. We all have someone in our lives with COPD, Asthma or some other lung ailment.

Thanks for considering.  I'll be on the Saturday 8AM/9AM rides at Panera from now on.  Wearing a cow jersey!



Join the Cowalunga 1/2, 1, 2 and 3 day ride in Wisconsin, August  3 - 5. Let me know if you want more details. This is a very well SAG'ed event with less than 100 riders  - perfect for us looking for company but not a crowd. Supports lung health in Illinois!

I'll be at Panera Sat morning for the foreseeable future.  Jersey with Cow theme.

Details here: Website of the Cowalunga event

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