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Wed July 10 Mod 8:30 Chandler: to Lake Forest Ce...
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The weather will be warm, sunny, and temps in upper 80s.   Wind from the SW.   Please carry enough water and electrolytes.
Food stop will  be after the tour, at Caputo's Deli in Lake Forest ,  so please bring some snacks to munch on on until that time.

EBC member Cynthia Karabush, a Chicago Architectural Foundation docent will lead us on a walking tour which will probably be  about an hour and a half in duration.  (Note: bicycles are not allowed in the cemetery so please bring a good lock.)
Round trip around 42 miles.  Probably back to Evanston by 3-3:30.  Yes, a long day for the Wednesday group.

The site was first identified for burial purposes in 1857 when the town of Lake Forest was planned. Later, William Le Baron Jenney designed a winding road system and Ossian Cole Simonds developed the landscape scheme.        
Quiz Question:  Why is Lake Forest like an old kettle? 

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