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Knollwood Panera to Panera Ride Saturday 10-12 4...
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Reminder for Knollwood ride.  The rain should end today but Saturday will bring chilly and windy weather.   We will  ride but you  may want to  take a look at your winter gear, pull out the  gloves and consider a skull cap or other item  that may cover  your ears.  Give that soft shell the smell test if  you have  not touched it  since April. Thin of a layer or two as it will be in  the 30s when we start and the 50s when  we are done. If the wind is crazy we may negotiate a modified route.  Dana posted  this about his moderate ride on Saturday:

The weather forecast for Saturday is sunny w/ a high in the low 50's. That's the good news!

The bad news?? Winds are forecasted to me 15-25mph with higher gusts possible. 

If the wind is too bad, I may opt to do a shorter ride (possibly to a different destination)

This  is good advice and  I will heed it.  Lets see how things feel tomorrow morning but lets plan on a nice colorful Fall ride at a casual  pace from  Panera to Panera.

See you at 9:00 am.  Moderate riders can go with  Dana and  casual riders with me to  destinations planned but subject to conditions and with more of our bodies covered that in  recent months.

Yes. This  is a long casual ride.  I have  done  this as a moderate  ride in the past but we already have a moderate ride on Saturday. I was  unable  to  lead this ride  when  previously scheduled  on 10-4.  So, casual riders,  this  is for you! It  is longer  than most casual  rides but you have  been riding all  Summer and have  the legs to  get in  one longer ride before the leaves fall  and  the  roads get  icy.  Nobody  will  get  left  behind and  we will get some nice miles in while the trees are colorful. It might be a  little  cool so make sure  you  have  the right amount of  layers.  Come ride with us.

Here is a link to  the  route.
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