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Friday Moderate Ride to Lake Forest/Lake Bluff
Julie Ward

Hello all:

Friday temperatures look better than the past couple of days (to me, anyway) -- we ride North to one of our usual haunts:

Lake Forest or Lake Bluff, TBA. Meeting: Chandler Park, meet 9:20 am, Start time 9:30 am.

Pace: Moderate-high Moderate, and Mileage: 35-40 miles. Route follows what Neal has told me is "the classic route" to Lake Forest-- begin Sheridan, Tower, Old Green Bay, back to Sheridan--> Rest Stop: Ravinia Train, back strs. to Linden--> Sheridan Rd. through Fort Sheridan--McClory Trail to LF/LB. Return uses similar route with Rest stop at Ravinia Train, back Green Bay (if not too hot), otherwise Sheridan. (And cf. GPS Route posted on Rides Calendar.)

Vaccination required; bring masks for lunch venues--e.g., Einstein Bros. Bagels (Lake Forest) or Bluffington's (Lake Bluff).

Leader: Julie Ward


Cell: 773-516-0872

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