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Wed. Moderate Ride to Highwood from *Panera*
Julie Ward

Hi all--sorry about the last minute posting: the weather is warming up tomorrow, so I propose a short ride up to Highwood, namely, to Talas. I would like to meet at *Panera* at 9:50 am, ride at 10 am. Depending on the wind and warmth, I would run up Green Bay Rd. OR up Sheridan Rd., Tower over Old Green Bay, Sheridan through Highland Park, up to Highwood in one shot (unless a stop is requested). If you need to eat there, bring a bar as Tala's coffee sometimes runs out of muffins and doughnuts. So, again, we *start* from Panera at 10 am; pace is Mod.-high Mod. (14-16), mileage about 25 miles; we'll run up for coffee--the temp. may reach high 40's!.

Julie (773-516-0872).

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