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Sunday, May 28 Moderate 09:10 From Panera: "R...
Joanne Davis

I think that it is fitting that we pay our respect to service members over this Memorial Day Weekend, so I'll lead a ride to the cemetery at Fort Sheridan .While there we can explore the cemetery, be humbled and show our gratitude to those deceased members. Bring a poem to read if you wish. Taps may be sounded .Please join me to "put remembrance back into Memorial Day."

Joanne will lead a group departing Panera 9:10 at a moderate pace and Bill Benjamin will lead the Casual group (departing Panera the usual 9 AM ) at casual pace (10-12 mph), around 30 miles round trip .Back between 1:30 - 2PM.

Lunch at Once Upon a Bagel in Highland Park.

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